Hedvig Lindgren

Son of Bjoern, lost from power, Hedvig searches for means to restore Prittlewell to her former glory.


As the son of Bjoern Lindgren, lord of Prittlewell, Hedvig Lindgren grew up in relatively peace under his father rule. As a beacon of culture, and being a popular waypoint, the cities location made it a popular stop for traders and artists in the land.

Hedvig remembers a happy childhood. Surrounded by confidants and friends, he grew up, and mastered the arts of the diplomacy and sharpshooting. The great exception occurred when he was aged 8, when a wayward horse nearly ended his life, if it were not for a heroic rescue by Keene Menw. This forged an unforgettable bond, and Hedvig always looked out for the summers, where Keene would once again return, with stories and wonders of life beyond the city.

Aged 16, Hedvig decided he too wanted to explore the world. After some persuasion, Bjoern allowed him to travel under the tutorship of Keene, so he might learn the wisdom of commerce. Disagreement with the Earl, had lost Prittlewell its protection, and Bjoern hoped that by increasing commerce, Prittlewell could once again rise to her former glory.

Alas, while he was off exploring the lands, the lord of Rochford, with whom greater trading ties were being negotiated, attacked and conquered Prittlewell. Lacking the necessarily defences, having instead opted to build a grand and beautiful church, Prittlewell was ill-equipped to deal with the incursion. In a bloody massacre, the lords of Rochford took Prittlewell, killing anyone still loyal to Bjoern.

2 years have passed since the fall of Prittlewell. Diplomatic means to reclaim my lands have failed, and Rochford’s military might deter any other lords to band together to end the occupation. For now, Hedvig is travelling with Keene, as he hopes to find another way to reclaim his lands and to extract revenge on those who made the fall possible.

Hedvig Lindgren

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