Gorm Wolfborn

Mercenary veteran



Agility d8
Smarts d4
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d6
Athletics d6
Fighting d8
Healing d4
Intimidation d6
Seduction d8
Shooting d6
Survival d4

Cha 2
Pace 6
Parry 7
Toughness 5 (+1 Armor Torso, Arms, Legs)

Attractive, Berserk

Code of Honor

Battle Axe
Small Shield

20 Silver, 50 Copper

38/30 Encumbrance, 33/30 with Spear dropped.



Gorm is a strong and tough danishman of about 30 years of age, with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He has seen his fair share of battle and will often use this as an excuse to look down upon those he deems more inexperienced warriors, as do many soldiers who have lived through quite a number of battles.

He wears leather chestplate and bracers, with over it a ragged and dirty burlap tunic dyed green that reaches to his knees. Below that he wears pants of the same fabric and leather boots with shinguards. Attached to his belt is a pouch and a hatchet, on his back a shield and a spear.

Upbringing & aspirations:

He was born in a small settlement built by the last large-scale invasion of the danes during the 5th and 6th century, situated on a small isle off the british coast. After Gorm’s mother died giving birth to him, his father started beating him whilst drunk on a regular basis at ages 5 and upwards, blaming him for the death of his wife. Developing a strong hatred for his father, at the age of 17 Gorm denounced him during an arguement, claiming he had been birthed and raised by a family of wolves. His father was furious and demanded in return weregild for Gorm’s supposed matricide, as an insult. Gorm took the insult to heart and left the village the next day. He’s been wandering since.

Gorm has little interest in working his fingers to the bone as a farmer or serf to provide for an eventual future family. His motivation is wanderlust and his ambition is to create a name for himself, by prowess in battle or even an entitlement to some land. He quickly decided to start out as a sellsword and see where his travels would take him, eager to be recruited by a noble or military leader, and eager to be recognised as the better combatant. Ultimately, he wants to restore the honor of his family and start a new life.

While he thinks of himself an honorable man, he cannot stand it when his “acts of warmheartedness” are refused or when they are not repayed through kindness or respect. Additionally, he is attached to his ancestral values and customs, and dislikes Christians.


he hates puppies, secretly

personal ties:

His uncle, a fisherman who tried to take care of Gorm as much as he could, however he was never really able to speak his mind against Gorm’s father, since rasing his children for him was not his business.

The son of the neighbours, the only companion he had of his own age, they would sometimes joke together how they would both seek fortune in their travels, Gorm as a warrior and him as a wandering trader.

The village pig farmer’s son was his worst enemy, always sneering at him and making fun of his father not loving him. He even trew mud at Gorm once when they were kids, claiming he could come live with the pigs if his father would kick him out of his house.


loves seafood & fish

Gorm Wolfborn

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