Keene Menw

A hobbit trader with some magical cantrips


Racial Edges and Hindrances:
Marksman (Aim when not having moved yet that round)
Luck (Extra Bennie per session)
Outsider (-2 Charisma)
Small (-1 Toughness)

Character Edges and Hindrances:
Loyal (Will not leave a man behind if he cannot help)
Yellow (-2 to fear)
Arcane Background (magic)
Rich (x3 starting gold, 150K salary per year)

*Agility: d6
*Strength: d6
*Smarts: d8
*Spirit: d6
*Vigor: d4

Charisma: -2
Pace: 6
Parry: 6
Toughness: 3+Armor

*Gambling: d8
*Knowledge (arcane): d10
*Shooting: d10
*Driving: d6
*Notice: d6
*Persuasion: d8
*Taunt: d6
*All others: d4 -2


  • Burning Armor
    Armor power with the damaging aura fire trapping.
  • Lightning weapon
    Conductive trapping on the smite power.
  • Flamethrower
    Burst power with AP2 (increases cost by 1PP), Fatigueing, and flammable objects catch fire on successful fire roll.

*2 horses and carriage
*Crossbow + 40 bolts
*Chain Haubrek (worn under normal clothes)
*Trading goods totaling to 10cp, 5 sp and 2 gp
*3gp, 91sp, 50cp
Will continue later with things like encumberance


In terms of a humans size, Keene reaches to around the chest of an average human. However, he is considered tall amonst his poeple.

When up in his tweens, Keene started running errands in his fathers company, travelling to locations inside the Otherworld to pick up and deliver shipments of goods. Eventually, on one such journey he travelled through one of the gates between the Otherworld and the normal realm, and seized his opportunity to sell wares in the Material Plane. His wares, simple enough in the Otherworld, fetched high prices in the Material Plane, leading him to return with more wares periodically. Eventually, he befriended the lords of (Insert Evert’s Hometown), leading to a close friendship with (Insert Evert’s Character Name). As Keene’s wealth acumulated, he started training himself in the ways of Wizardry, so that he may defend himself against those who would attack him for his wares.

When (Insert Evert’s Hometown) fell to a neighboring lord, he was in his 40s, and he took in (Evert’s Character Name) to hide him from his enemies, so that he may one day return to (Insert Evert’s Hometown), and one day return a favour. Keene also wants to be able to return to the town, as those lands contained some of the richest clients he had.

He rarely uses his powers to help, as he wishes to keep it a secret, to have an edge over any would be aggressors. However, after a couple drinks to many he will end up spilling his beans and showing off some small cantrips, such as making a flame appear at the end of his finger, boasting that he can do much more.

Fun fact known only to Keene: Originally his plan was only to befriend (Evert’s Character Name) as an investment for future endeavors in the Material Plane, but now considers (Evert’s Character Name) as a friend.

Keene Menw

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