Thomas Fairfax

An idealistic, blond-haired noble looking for his place in the world.


Thomas Fairfax, third in line to the Fairfax family, Lords of Kingston, a town of farmers and traders located upon the Thames, close to Lundenwic. He was raised by his family to be a Knight, as there would be no land for him to inherit. At the age of 15 to set out into the world to find himself away from his heritage. 5 years on he has achieved little but get kicked out of pubs and return annually to daddy for more money.

Main motivation
• Driven by a desire to unite the kingdoms under one democratic rule where all are treated equal
• Looking for company and love
• Prove his worth and place in this world and the next
• Heavily religious.
Key Memories
• Grew up in a house of nobles, happy and average childhood (for someone of his stature)
• Started training as a knight under his fathers watch.
• Quickly excelled in the art of sword figthing as well as bow and arrow.
• Started travelling through the different kingdoms to find a wife.
• Found himself more at home in pubs with the common folk than in castles
• Saw the oppression that his people were under, but conflicted about his place.
Mortifying Fears
• Letting down his father.
• Losing his religion.
• Ending up alone the rest of his life.
Self image
• Arrogant
• Sensitive
• Undeserving of the life he has been given.
World views
• Imbalanced
• Cruel
• In need of change

Thomas Fairfax

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