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  • Vampire

    *Vampires* are people that made a pact with a demon for immortality in return for sharing their body with the demon. Their personality becomes a mix of the two. They can recover from all injuries over time save wood to the heart. They need blood to …

  • Dragon

    *Dragons* are large winged reptiles. They are extinct. They came in different colors depending on location. Yellow dragons of the Scottish Highlands, Red dragons from Strathclyde and Northumbria, Pink dragons from Wales, Black dragons from Middle England …

  • Dire Animal

    *Dire Animals* are uncommon versions of animals that grow to be around 50% larger than normal versions of those animals. Dire animals such as Dire Wolves and Dire Bears often cause problems for small settlements and farming communities without adequate …

  • Demon

    *Demons* are the souls of the dead that for some reason did not make it into an afterlife. They end up floating into space (in the Otherworld), becoming mad and evil with time. They will do anything to 'live' again.

  • Saint

    *Saints* are immortal servants of the [[God | Gods]], and the only non-God beings to be able to access [[Divine Magic]] doing so through their direct connection to their God. They are much like humans and have free thought. If killed, Saints can make …

  • Fey

    *Fey* is the general term for those that live in the [[Otherworld]]. They are much more varied than the inhabitants of the Real World, the races being similar to the non-human races of normal fantasy settings.

  • Aspect

    *Aspects* are living creatures elevated to represent a certain part of life. These Aspects represent that one concept, and have powers relating to that concept. Unlike Gods, their power is not based on their worship, they are granted by the World itself. …

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