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  • Knight

    *Knights* are talented warriors appointed by a [[Lord]] or person of [[Nobility | higher rank]]. They must take oaths of loyalty, which expire only when the Lord relieves them of their service or the Lord dies (or when the Knight dies, obviously). They'll …

  • Lord

    A *Lord* is the lowest level of [[Nobility]]. They are given land by an [[Earl]] and in return must pay taxes and provide military aid.

  • Nobility

    There are 3 levels of *Nobility*: [[Lord | Lords]], [[Earl | Earls]] and [[Royalty]]. Lords serve under Earls, who in turn serve under Royalty. Along with [[Bishop | Bishops]], they are the only ones allowed to appoint [[Knight | Knights]].

  • Earl

    *Earls* are directly under [[Royalty]] in terms of rank. They rule over an entire [[County]] and pay taxes and provide military support to their King or Queen in return for the land.

  • Royalty

    *Royalty* is the highest power in a [[Kingdom]]. They all the land in the Kingdom but give it out to lower levels of [[Nobility]] in return for taxes and military support.

  • House Goodwin

    *House Goodwin* is the Wessex [[Royalty | Royal Family]], and have ruled Wessex since its founding. Their symbol is a golden gryphon and their motto is "Justice is Strength". The only remaining member of House Goodwin today is [[:roger-goodwin]]. !http …

  • Roger Goodwin

    Roger Goodwin, aged 31, is the King of Wessex, loved by his people for fairly resolving disputes. His line has ruled Wessex since its creation. He has no siblings and no wife or children, so many families are trying to marry off their daughters to him to …

  • Rowe Lancaster

    Rowe is a noble from the city of Warwick, he is 27 years old. Rowe does not acknowledge the existence of God or supernatural creatures. He believes religious people are "well-intentioned fools", and will try to ignore supernatural creatures as if …

  • Thomas Fairfax

    Thomas Fairfax, third in line to the Fairfax family, Lords of [[Kingston]], a town of farmers and traders located upon the [[Thames]], close to [[Lundenwic]]. He was raised by his family to be a Knight, as there would be no land for him to inherit. At the …

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