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It is June 1st 867 in the year of the Lord. It is a period of war. Viking forces, striking from Denmark and Ireland, have won a great victory against the Kingdom of Northumbria. During the war, Viking soldiers managed to take the Kingdom’s largest city, the city of York, an ancient Roman city previously thought to be untakable. While the Vikings turn their gaze to the south, to the remaining Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the Gaels of Dalriada start seeing the Pictlands as the next logical place to expand. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in Mercia and Wessex. Our story starts with 4 men, ready to shape their own destiny, all having traveled to Lundenwic for different reasons.

Stuff that needs to be done:

High Priority

  • Create Royalty
  • Create Major Nobility
  • Create Major Religious Leaders
  • Starting plot hook (requires all PCs to be made)

Low Priority

  • Add all info to wiki page (You can help with this)
  • Add Forests to map
  • Add River names to map
  • Add mountain and mountain range names to map
  • Create minor nobility

Britain At War

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